Adderall Shortage

It’s now been going on for over a year….

Adderall , a central nervous stimulant used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy is in short supply across the nation.

In fact, the drug is in such short supply that prescription holders are calling the FDA in droves. All the complaints can be narrowed down to a simple matter.

Suffers of ADHD are unable to find a pharmacy that has enough supply to fill any prescriptions…

As this Adderall shortage continues, many patients are searching for alternatives to subside their condition.

ADHD is defined as (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which affects many people in the society today. Recent studies have suggested that there isn’t a complete cure for the problem, but there are varied options patients can use to manage the condition. The solution is a common stimulant medication that is referred to as adderall. Although it is not the only drug that is used to treat the disorder, there are other treatments one can find in the market to correct the problem. These are Ritalin and Concerta medications, which have been used in the past to treat the same disorder. Adderall shortage is perhaps the latest crisis that is facing people who use this popular medication to treat their ADHD condition.

Although Adderall medications are termed to be 70% effective in correcting the problem, studies have gone to suggest it has some side effects to its users. Medical communities have expressed their concern that the side effects one can get from the medication are mild in nature. Depending with the person the Adderall side effects can range from irritability, moodiness to depressions. They are also known to vary in severity some taking as short as minute and other as long as hours in a person.

The Adderall shortage does not come as a surprise when we consider the medication as having high addictive qualities. This is what has made the DEA, which is Drug Enforcement Agency, to be at a constant loggerhead with the manufacturers of these drugs. Manufacturers have complained that the agency, which is involved in controlling and monitoring how much of the drug is supplied to the markets, has been overstepping their mandate in their work. This is a delicate issue that continues to affect not only the present but also the future state of the drug use in the society.

As a result of the controversial nature of the drug, manufacturers have been forced to adapt what is called as a bottleneck procedure to comply with all the requirements set out by the overseeing body in the adderall manufacturing. This also means that the active ingredient used in the making of the drug has been left out restricting it from being made for medical or commercial use. These are some of the many things that are affecting the Adderall shortage supply and the making of the drugs today.

adderall shortage 2012

Adderall Shortage

It has been confirmed that the largest users of these drugs are partly from college students who use them to increase their concentration levels during exams time. This has made the drug gain popularity among many teenagers who are not suffering from ADHD leading to the abuse of the drug. On several occasions, these drugs have found their way into teen parties availing evidence to prove when mixed with other drugs it often gives a good “high.” This is also another factor that has promoted the adderall shortage in the market, since it has encouraged drug abuse among many college-going students.

Although there is growing demand for the drug among genuine patients who seek it to treat ADHD, their cries are likely to fall into deaf-ears because the making process of the drug is known to consume a lot of time. Before adderall can be manufactured, a lot of time is usually consumed leaving those who urgently need the drug to suffer as they await help to come their way. Unless the government and the manufacturers of the drugs work out an effective plan, the shortage crisis will continue to affect many people who are suffering from these disorders.

Lastly, the DEA is also to blame due to the shortage since they are responsible in monitoring how the drug is being supplied to the public. Of-course looking at it from a different angle the DEA can be said to be doing a great job in ensuring the drug is not used for the wrong reason. However, they are responsible for the giving of quotes concerning how much drug is given out in a year, but still this is not the right way to tackle the problem. Unless both parties sit down and work an effective solution the Adderall shortage will continue being a controversial subject. It is high time that a good solution was reached to solve the Adderall shortage problem once and for all.